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Cait ZellersCaitlin Zellers

In addition to being the creator of Bull Creek Brewing’s awesome labels, Cait is a freelance illustrator and comic artist. Check out her website Miss Mayhem Studios, where you can view personal and professional works for sale.





Nate LufkinNathaniel Lufkin

Nate’s work is heavily inspired by the Nintendo generation of gaming. With his work he strives to bring out the nostalgic feeling and fond childhood memories of those who enjoyed playing the first Nintendo games as much as he did. Click the link to view Nate’s works for sale on his website Video Game Paintings.




Kyle GiffenKyle Giffen

Kyle has been making waves through the tattoo scene in Austin, Texas.  Kyle started his career in 2007 and quickly rose to popularity after his success on a tattoo reality TV show and various features in tattoo magazines. His widely known artistic style and clean, quality work make him one of the best tattoo artists in the Austin area.  Kyle owns and operates, Little Pricks Tattoo Studio, north Austin’s premier tattoo shop. Click Kyle Giffen’s Tattoos to check out his work. For more info or to schedule an appointment click —–> Little Pricks Tattoo Studio